The Chill or Not Chill Show

Chill is

Anna.  Anna was my best friend in this country.  She was more than that.  She agreed to be my sister sometime during training, and from there on we were set.  Anna is from the West Coast, Long Beach to be exact.  Anna used to work for sign shop and has mexican heritage.  I like to joke about her dad being a communist.  Anna sometimes has interesting ideas about what words mean, like that a bridge had to be concave.

Anna is crafty like I.  She made these great earring from a coke can (me having coke can earring I believe was inspired by the 3 cokes of the last day of COS conference). And she now has a etsy shop.  There will be a delay before she makes more because of our upcoming travels.


I like Anna because she is chill and willing to go along with so many of my plans, I believe we had some great trips.  She was always there to listen to the frustrations of my site (well when there was service for her phone).

Just have to end by saying Anna is simply great, and definitely part of my enjoyment of the last 26 months.  Now over to the girl herself.

Not Chill is

Ashley: but I like her anyways! Ashley is outgoing, knows what she wants and does what she has to to get it. Therefore I feel honored to have had her as a friend, like she chose me. Our sisterhood in the DR is not a marriage of convenience. Ashley is loyal and puts a lot into friendships.

She has gently guided me into an improved wardrobe in country and now even covets some of my own select pieces (okay so a few of them were her own purchases). Without Ashley I wouldn’t have gone to Jamaica, and I wouldn’t likely be going to South America in one week.

We don’t agree on everything. She’s East Coast to the core and I’m a California girl through and through. She’s looking into government work, I’m looking non-profit. (Also, my dad wasn’t really a communist, only socialist) And we won’t even get into food. But I wouldn’t have it any other way. I think she challenges me to be a better person. Peace Corps service would not have been the same without her.

Well that’s the show.



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