The Lion sleeps tonight

So there is a lot of music being played throughout my day.  Sometimes it comes from my computer and therefore is my choice.  However, there is always what the colmado or billards hall is playing, what cars and trucks are playing, and what is on the house radio or the girls computers.

When traveling, there is also often music playing on the guagua.  Actually it was very strange for a portion of the trip along the northern coast in August, on 3 guaguas there was no music.  When you are crammed cinco in the cocina (5 in the back), sometimes the music makes it better.  Of course sometimes it doesn’t and sometimes it is not music but talk radio.  On the trip, even with the dearth of music being played, I was also introduced to a new popular song.  Now most of the time I am only giving a low percentage of attention to the the background noise, but if there is something that grabs my attention.  What grabbed my attention about this song, well the chorus music was remarkably similar to The Lion Sleeps Tonight.

What was also amusing was I returned to my community, and barely heard the song after hearing it twice in an hour on some days of my trip (that is a clear sign that this song is going to get alot of play).  And the song grew on me, enough that I put it on my kindle (yeah I can do that on my kindle keyboard, not that I put songs on it usually since I can’t chose a song from a group to play).  It was actually several weeks before I heard the song in a regular manner in Cambita.  I don’t know why, I am definitely not rural.

If you want to hear the similarities, and a song that may not have longevity when it comes to my interest, but definitely gained it for a time, here it is:

Vakero – Hoy Se Va Bebe


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