Giddyup horsie

So when I went up with Anna to visit Robin after our medical appointments, I planned to return to my site directly from there.  However, in the capital, Ellen who was visiting the Samana area for her birthday was talking about stopping at el Salto de Limon (Waterfall of Lemon (or possibly Lime since they think limon is green and tastes remarkably like lime)).  Anna still had not been, even with living in the region.  So when we are chilling in the ocean, I just casually mention that we could make a side trip there and then I could stay at her house before making my trip home.  She was open to that, so we did take a trip.

We slept at her house and took a bus partway to Samana and then another bus up towards Las Terranas.  Just asking the driver, we picked one of the stops for the waterfall (there are a few stops to give you options.  And then once there, we let it be known that we would like to ride horses.  My horse was quite truculent, it had not interest in going anywhere.  My guide on the other hand was quite a bonus.  He told me about the plants of the area (much of which I did know from my 2 years, gave me a passion fruit (which makes my favorite juice) and shared that he was singer, even singing a little song for me.

Rough Guides provides a good overview on visiting.  The waterfall is tall enough, that getting a full picture is not just a snap (I know lame, but really wanted to).  Being river fed, the water is very cold.  (not North East Coast Atlantic in June cold, I didn’t feel I was being frozen), however, with movement a person feels fine.  I even went under the waterfall and waited for Anna to take a picture with the water pelting me.  There was also a outpost with snacks for sale and artisan crafts set up at the entrance where we changed from horseback to foot.

It was a quite enjoyable activity with the transport included cost around 15 dollars.  Definitely worth delaying my trip home by a day (of course it was, I got to ride a horse), especially considering that was Labor Day.

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