A quiet aviary

So the other day I took a walk with one of the youth of Cambita.  Raisy works carving and painting macaws.  I had asked him to introduce me to the artisan whose worked I first notices at the December Artisan’s Fair in the capital I went to last year.  Tristan even bought a rooster for his mother from the seller.  When I picked up the rooster he was contemplating, I looked at the tag that said Artesanía Puello, Cambita Garabitos, San Cristobal.

I had not previously heard of him, but when I asked Raisy he did say he knew him and had discussed carving with him.  So I let it fall by the wayside with other things to do, but recently I decided that I would like to see the workshop if I could.  Its not in what I consider town proper (and consider that encompasses many street to explore in itself, I’m not surprised I hadn’t stumbled upon it before), but on the road between Pueblocito and Cambita Garabitos.  Also the sign is only a recent addition (less than a month) so that why I had not noticed it on my many car rides in and out of Cambita. 

The building is filled with many different types of carvings, there is majority of types of birds from chicks to flamingos, however, there are also horses, dolphins and fish.  There was also one of the carvers at work and pieces in all stages of the process which was interesting to see.

I find the carvings to be quite well done and reasonably priced .  A small chick or 6″ duck with be around 6 dollars.  Two small parrots on branches would be around 11 dollars.  The larger (but not biggest) or more elaborate pieces will be 25 to 40 dollars.  Those are the notes I made.

The workshop also has a pamphlet on the history of Artesanía Puello.  It was started by Mr. Erasmo Puello who had 15 children to support.  Some of his sons continued the tradition.  The pamphlet says that the wood crafts represent who they are: a Caribbean town full of joy, taste and colors.  The work has been shown and sold in many artisan expositions in countries including the Untied States, Spain, South Korea, France, Italy, Germany, Ecuador, as well as others.

Contact information is:

Tel.: (809)528-8301

Cel.: 829-806-6393

email: artesaniapuello15@hotmail.com

DSC_0041 DSC_0032DSC_0035  DSC_0036DSC_0037 DSC_0033 DSC_0038 DSC_0040 DSC_0031



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