Show me the money

So I don’t always know what a fabrication of cleaner or soap or menthol is going to cost beforehand, because I sometimes buy the chemicals in groups.  I have fixed the problem now, but at the time of the Tuesday previous to the week of this post’s Tuesday, the fabrication of menthol, they didn’t have the money to cover the full cost.  I still have not received about half the money.  So luckily for the next Tuesday (i.e. the one this post is about) we were going back to floor cleaner and I could say you can choose how many gallons we make but each gallon is 25 pesos.

Knowing I really didn’t want to create more a deficit, I decided to use the Somos Mujeres chapter on fiao for the educational part.  I probably should explain what fiao is.  It is credit.  At the colmado, people will have a cardboard with numbers written for the price of each shopping trip and sometimes the colmado owner will have a notebook with the same information for each customer using fiao.  For fiao, there needs to be a level of trust, because its not like a credit card company that can send you to the bill collectors.  A word for that trust is confianza.  I was told the other day by the youth I was giving first option to buy my bike that I did not have confianza in him to pay.  And the honest answer was no I did not.  I talked to his brother, who is my good friend, and he tells me how he is still waiting on partial payment from him. So my feeling of wanting the money up front was justified and spot on.

So this time I told them I was collecting the money at the beginning, before we started measuring chemicals and wrote done names with quantity.  It worked much better, only disappointing thing was that they didn’t want to make all of it.  So I have to offload some chemicals before a month goes by.



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