The Future

I think I difference between how I look at and approach things and how Dominicans do is the future.  Maybe it is because many of them aren’t planning to move away from the area or the weather doesn’t change so significantly you need to think about being prepared to pay for heat during the winter.

Anyways let me just tell you about today.  Today was the Catholic day of observance for the Lady of Mercedes in the Dominican Republic.  At one time Catholicism was probably the predominant religion, but now with the rise in Evangelical Christianity, it is not the only church in town.  So although I thought it was a possibility when after I was woken at 7 am (which is not unreasonably early, but not when my body wanted to get up and I don’t work a 9 to 5 for a couple more months so stop judging).  And told Ronelka was still sleeping, how could she be, oh no school because Dia de La Senora de las Mercedes. So at that point, I knew I may not be making nail polish remover with the women today.  But I could not be certain, it being an evangelical group.  Also I had said to them next Tuesday we will be making this, and they did not correct me that it would not be next Tuesday but the one after.

I think its very rare I’ve ever been reminded of a Dominican holiday in advance.  Another example is I had a conversation going with a youth I wanted to think on and asked if he would be around the next day.  When he replied he would, without caveat, I say I would come looking for him.  The next morning when I go out of my way to talk to him, he had gone to San Cristobal.  Sounded like a planned trip, so why couldn’t he have told me in the morning he would not be around.

It’s just frustrating to not be advised ahead of time when I could have avoided schlepping 2 gallons of acetone across town.  But on the bright side, I got to talk baseball and have some beer.


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