You know I never really explained colmados.  Apparently once upon a time they were referred to as bodegas, however, times have changed.  Comados stock everything from the necessities of rice and beans to hair gel (we had Tristan go get some once, it wasn’t long lasting or good in any other discernible way, but it was there and I think it cost 5 pesos so we had realistic hopes).

Depending on the size or population of the community, will affect how many colmados are in it.  And that also with economic level will affect quantity and variety.  There should almost always be available bread (a white bread roll), soda, water, beer, rum, rice, canned food, and other staples.  What is pictured below is my colmado.  Like most, there is a counter and you tell and point to what you want.  What is interesting is you can buy so many things simply in a small amount.  You would go in and say I want 5 pesos of bicarbonate (baking soda) and would get a small bag of it, which would be tied closed with a knot that at times I hate them for doing.  You can do that for flour and sugar when baking, so you don’t have to worry about storing the extra.  Or if you are travelling and need to cook, you only need to buy what you need.  Like say you want to make eggs and there is a kitchen available you can buy a chin (little) of oil and not cook without that or butter in  pan.  It’s very convenient.

I usually go in for a delicious bottled coca-cola for about 25 cents.  It tastes like the gods nectar to me and some days is the only food or drink I am excited to consume (I did once again test myself and go a period without it, of course I already knew I could do that in the states with the free soda machine at work).  Oh I will miss that so much, it doesn’t taste the same from a plastic bottle.

Colmados also often are places that have plastic chairs that you can use to sit around and drink a beer in.  In addition, they are the ones providing music when the electricity is on.  Some like the one in Turner’s community have room to dance.

DSCN3519DSCN3520 DSCN3521


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