Edge of the world

So as a treat after the medical trip we went up to Las Galeras, Samana to visit with Robin.  Robin once lived by me, but extending her service she went up to work with a group of crafters who make palm frond baskets.  Some other volunteers were also going to be up in the area at the same time, so Robin arranged for us all to take a boat out to Playa Fronton.  On Saturday morning, we got the supplies (there is not an operational restaurant out there) and went to Playa Grande to meet the others.  We texted them to let them know we were there and Anna, who had texted Ellen gets a response of “where” and “who is this?”.  Seemed like a strange thing for Ellen to send.  Once Ellen arrived, we found out Anna did not have her current number and Ellen did not have her phone cause it was charging.  Quite a typical story a few weeks later my sim card was mistakenly put out of service and I got a new number so when I ran into Ashley later that night and she said she had texted me I said well it wouldn’t have worked even if I had bothered to bring my phone.

Eventually we go in the motorize boat and took a 20 minute ride along the coast and around the bend to see a beach coming out of that dark volcanic rock.  It made me thing of the edge of the world.  Although the setting is incredible and sea gorgeous, there is a flaw to Playa Fronton.  In many parts you have to be careful of sea urchins, however, there is a safe part to go into.  I made it clear to Robin when she was planning, if I could not go into the sea, I did not want to bother paying for a ride.

Robin started preparing moro (rice with peas mixed in) and the fish.  We had an issue getting the fugon (fire) lit, but luckily a Dominican eventually came over and helped us out.  The meal was quite delicious.

.DSC_0098-001 DSC_0111 DSC_0130

That night we go out for dinner at a French pizza place (sadly pepperoni was not an option, I think any pizza place should offer that, I cannot wait to go back to the east coast.  Although first dinner is a Lenape Burger and a Yuengling.)  Eventually we went to a free bachata concert and just enjoyed ourselves dancing bachata and merenge.  It was one of those nights where we kept saying just one more song, best dancing night of my 2 years.

The next morning our plans feel through to see Playa Rincon, so we went to Playita instead.  Which is quite beautiful in its own way.  And interesting with the pathway to walk through the sea plants.

DSC_0177-001 DSC_0163-001 DSC_0180-001

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