48 hours in the Capital

So there are some things I have do for Peace Corps, for my close of service clearance.  One is medical.  We have the have a physical, a dental visit, various labwork (oh the pressure of having to provide multiple samples in a given time frame) and tuberculosis test.  Because of the tb test, which needs to be checked 48 hours later, we are put up for 2 nights in the capital (because some have further to travel).

So Anna and I booked to go in at the same time.  I decided we should make this time in the capital something worth it.  So in our time there we had belgium beer, manicures (a deal found on http://www.tuangou.do/ which is the dominican groupon), went chemical and container shopping*, had gazpacho**, tiny delicious sandwiches***, went paca shopping (imagine good will as a table of used clothing that you dig through)****, ate okay pizza, made white russian milk shakes (so delicious), and ate sushi.  That was in addition to the dentist and doctor stuff.

IMG_2614 IMG_2615

 IMG_2617   IMG_2619 IMG_2623

* See there was something work related, I didn’t just goof off.

**I made the gazpacho. But we at it in the capital so I included that.

***I spotted this restaurant when I was getting my point and shoot camera repaired over on Lincoln in Plaza Castile.  By the way, if you need camera repair done in Santo Domingo, I would recommend Kemils Camera for their helpfulness, great service, and quickness.

**** We would always pass by the paca stores on our way to Duarte but never have the time or will to go digging.  This time I almost regretted putting it on the schedule, cause I put it after the chemical purchase and we were lugging bags, but it was worth it was the good quality 20 peso (50 cents) black tank I got that I just had to take in the sides.


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