Not just for women, apparently

So Anna had bought a chemical for dishwashing soap in twice the amount needed for the formula, but all others in the right amount.  So she offered it as a gift and I took her up on it.  And boy did I earn it.  I schlepped that 2.5 kilos of  Texapon from her house to the ferry, to Los Haitises, to Turner’s site, down through Higuey and the capital to Cambita.

Sadly the chemical stores are not open on the weekend, so I had to go back to the capital during the week.  And when I visisted Agencias Internationales they lacked the one of the chemicals.  So I fell back on another formula and instead got the chemicals for liquid hand soap.

When I informed the class the week before that is what we would be doing, I received a lackluster response.  But I had around the 10+ people and this time 2 guys.  Roberto, I had allowed since he helped coordinate the space.  This time when there was another man, Antonio, I figured well they invited him, so why not.  He has ended up being helpful, because we have him pour the 5 gallons of water.

This time we talked about budgeting, being aware of where your money is going.  You take what you learn from your daily log of income and expenditures and then you can see where the money goes and how it comes.  Of course, none of my women had kept a daily log like I asked them to.  That was not surprising after 2 years of seeing how the education system of the Dominican Republic trains students.  They are excellent about copying, and will even copy things you tell them are unimportant. However, you ask them to practice English at home or fill out a 10 minute worksheet, many just do not do it.

Well in the end we made some lovely strawberry scented hand soap, which I enjoy using.

Formula Par Jabon Liquido Para Mano – 55 GL (We made 7GL)

DSC_0081 DSC_0082

Materia Prima Cantidad (55 GL) Cantidad (7GL)
Texapon N-70 20 KL 2.5 KL
Comperland KD 3.5 KL .44 KL
Lanolina ANH Amarilla .25 KL .03 Kl
Glicerina 1 KL .125 KL
Fragrancia Al Gusto Al Gusto
Color Al Gusto Al Gusto



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