Achieving a Peace Corps Goal

One of the goals of Peace Corps is to share American culture.  Now what was shared is really more specific to just me, but hey I’m American and I told Ronelka that I could not confirm I knew anyone else to do what I did of their own thoughts.  But hey part of the American mythos is the pioneer.  And I pioneered a new food.  So I think I met the goal with this post.

Now I don’t know when I first tried this, I just know I enjoyed the result.  I like to put peanut butter on both sides of my bread and then lay a layer of doritos on one side.  Then I put the other piece of bread with peanut butter on top and smoosh them together to make sure the sandwich will stay together.

DSC_0083 DSC_0084

So when I treat myself to peanut butter in this country and am using bread (also treating myself by buying wheat bread) and not the other option of saltines (a staple of my school lunch), I usually also buy some doritos.  Anyone who lives in the house has seen me do this.

Well last Tuesday I was soaking the bread to make gazpacho but needed to eat.  So I got my supplies together and as I am making a sandwich, Ronelka (the youngest) tells me she is going to try it.  So she goes to get some doritos.  When she comes back, she says she loves peanut butter and loves doritos so why not try it my way.

DSC_0085 DSC_0086-001

DSC_0087She said she liked it.  But the real thing was trying something different.


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  1. Paula said:

    Ashley I lays did it with potato chips!

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