Fields of Strawberries

So on Friday, I had a another charla with my group of women.  This time I wanted to talk about the importance of maintaining records.  I couldn’t tell them this, considering the less frequent use of technology and the internet in the older generations, but if I was giving the charla to Americans I would say and use  It was so handy and easy to use to keep.  So I did an overview of a daily record and asked them all to do record Saturday through next Tuesday for the next class.

The best part in my opinion is the activity to highlight the importance of not operating blind.  That activity involves rolling up charla paper to make swords and blindfolding the 2 volunteers.  Well telling them they will both be blindfolded, but only actually making one wear a blindfold.  It was quite amusing to watch Hembra striking out at nothing, while her counterpart dodged most of the hits.  The activity clearly demonstrates that seeing and knowing is handy in life.

We actually started the fabrication of fabric softener first, because it has to be left to sit for 20 minutes before adding the fragrance and possible the salicat, I don’t know about the salicat because it was not part of the instructions, I added it. with the fragrance.

I did get asked today about a change in color in the liquid soap, to which I had not good response.  I said I don’t know why, these are formulas I receive from Agencias Internacionales or the Income Generation handbook that probably got them for them or a similar store.  Also since I did not take any, I did not realize it happened.  I did grab some fabric softener today because I bought more fragrance (strawberry) and really liked the smell (although am right now lamenting that I have only had strawberries once in 2 years).  And I cannot wait to make someone smell my clothing, as you would expect from the girl who had both Turner and Robin smell her hair after Turner commented on the kids’ shampoo (kids’ swim and sport so great for a girl who likes to swim).  I pointed out adult shampoo is not sold in such a an appealing fragrance as citrus to deal with such activities, and then back it up with the offer to smell my hair.  As well as the girl who had to say smell my hand to Miguel after the soap making made it smell like wonderful jasmine.

We did half strawberry and half jasmine (the soap did not use much of the jasmine fragrance).  It was easy to split the glop they call Belfasin into two parts, because at first I was only sold 2 Kilos.  I like how that error that made me wait longer at the store, worked out very nicely.  I let the women get it out of the bags today, because I had enough fun when I did a charla for the new volunteers in the spring getting it off my hands.  In the end, I think we turned out a nice product and can’t wait to test it.

DSC_0006 DSC_0007DSC_0009 DSC_0014DSC_0016 

Formula de Sauvizante 10 GL

Belfasin 4 Kilo

Agua u.s.p. 9 GL

Salicat k 100 100 mL

Colorante  Al Gusto

Fragancia  Al Gusto (possible .25 Kilos)

Preparacion: Mezclar el color con el agua.  Mezclar el belfasin con el agua coloreada y agitar vigorosamente y dehar en reposo durante 20 minutes.  Luego agregar la fragancia y salicat.


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