More chemicals

Had another class with women.  This time I started out by talking to them about the importance of an operation plan.  The suggested activity to start out the class is how to make a cauldron of rice.  Rice making is a staple here in the Dominican Republic.  Rice is almost always a part of the afternoon meal.  I living with a family have only once made rice in this country, and only a small amount for my taco salad when there was no white rice available.  In the States, after living with Rachel in college who had lived on Guam for a large potion of her life and advocated the inclusion of rice in the meal, I saw the intelligence of a rice cooker.  So its not like I never have made rice, I just never have made a large amount.  To make it amusing for the women, I told them I didn’t know how after 2 years.  The point of the exercise, is to list out the many steps that are required.  To make sure they include sourcing the pot, having gas in the tank, buying the rice (although for me it magically appears, the joy of living in someone else’s house).  It’s to enforce the idea that planning is helpful and to think the process through from start to finish to take into account the supplies you need and time you need.

After they sat through the charla, we moved on to making liquid soap they could use for things such as washing clothes.  As the one running the show it was my job to figure out what to measure out for each chemical I had purchased.  I am very frustrated that Agencias Internacionales sell in Kilograms (Kilos which they mark as KL) yet most of the chemicals are liquid, so it would be easier to measure if I knew the amount of liquid required.  I was on the phone with Anna today complaining about that since I don’t have a colmado scale and there on the kitchen counter was one.



But I did my best on Tuesday without this. I even just judged by eye level how much of a 5 lb jar of salt would be 3.6 lb.  I know that is shocking behavior for my usual preciseness.  However, it looks like we made liquid soap.  I will have to wait to see how it works.  And so far the outcome of the liquid soap was better than the floor cleaner.  Instead of a green face, I got lovely jasmine scented hands.

DSC_0001-002 DSC_0003-001

Formula Para Jabón Liquido

11 GL

Materia Prima Cantidad
Texapón N-70 5 Kilos
Comperland KD .4 Kilos
Sal 3.6 LB
Salicat k100 20 ml (1.5 cucharadas)
Fragrancia 20 ml (1.5 cucharadas)
Agua 9.5 GL
Color Al Gusto
Ácido Cítrico .05 Kilos
Glucopón .2 Kilos


Diluir el Texapón con el agua y la sal.  Confirmar que todo está diluido

Luego agregar los demás ingredientes


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