Playing with Chemicals

So I previously posted about Somos Mujeres.  I’m not going to run a full curriculum with my time left in country.  However I am going to use the resource of charlas that we created.

I had finished up my Construye classes and was told by one of the students (an older one who I let take the course because business planning is good at any age) that two of her friends were interested in the class.  Since I had no more books and no more plans for the Construye class (because it does fit with the conference, and time to write a plan if eligible), I said I actually have another course I can do that is aimed at women.  And then I said or I have a bunch of formulas and craft knowledge, if the women would prefer to do that.

DSC_0012-001So last week (with a trial run the week before, I call it trial because it was just Hembra and Robert, the others who said they would come had conflicts) a group of 10 women gathered together and we made floor disinfectant similar to the brands Fabuloso and Mistolin sold in country.  They think of those bands in the way I think of Mr. Clean.  The day I traveled to Dana’s site, I stopped in the capital at Agencias Internacionals (a chemical store) and picked up the chemicals that were listed in the formula in the Income Generation Handbook.  Chemical names I have no knowledge of and wonder with the cleaning abilities they create about the wisdom of using them without that knowledge.  I did try to look up one online and was no further educated.

Because they did not have purple coloring, so I got green and the fragrances in undiluted form often are hard to tell the smell, but I could tell with pine, we made green pine scented floor cleaner.  I had to make a decision at the store and even asked the saleswoman to confirm that Dominicans like the scent of pine.  I know I find the scent makes me think of clean frenshness

DSC_0011-002I have the women pay for the portion of chemicals they will use and sit through a short charla, in order to, participate in the process.  For the floor cleaner, I went with a costing and pricing charla.  I chose that because I think the most important first step of business is not to lose money.  And you need to know the cost for the unit you are selling, before you can appropriately decide on a price taking into account the competitors price and worth of your time.

DSC_0012-002The group greatly enjoyed the class and we are going to make something else today.  It was just interesting for the last batch when I was working on getting green coloring off my skin (the coloring is quite potent and apparently I had touched my face – the process was made more difficult by the fact that no mirrors were around).  They changed the order of the chemicals somehow.  This resulted in a green milk color for that batch as opposed to a semi-translucent green.

For any curious to see what I was working with that do not have the Income Generation Handbook, here it is:

Formula para Desinfectante (Mistolin)

Materia Prima


Cant. Para 55 Galones

Nonil Fenol 0.05 1 Kl.
Dehyquart LBD 0.50 1 Kl.
Perfume 1.0 1 Kl.
Color A.G. A. G.
Agua 90.05 54 Galones

Sugerencia de elaboración:

  • Medir el agua y adicionar el colorante al gusto
  • Disolver el Perfume en el Nonil Fenol
  • Adicionar el Dehyquart LBD al agua colorada
  • Mezclar el punto 2 en el 3
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