So last night I went down to ask a the reception/kitchen area (we were at a hotel in Juan Dolio) to ask for some things I forgot we would need to make pad thai.  You know oil to cook the egg part and garlic.  Things I hadn’t noted because they are so available in everyday life, but were obvious with thought.  I asked for something and was told I spoke to fast.  Now I don’t actually think it was too fast, I think it was a little mumbled.  Cause I don’t think I could speak Spanish faster than many natives. But I had been telling Anna on our 4th of July vacation that no one was understanding me that trip and it was getting quite aggravating.

Today, however, I was told my Spanish was good.  I don’t know why it was commented on the only thing I think I said at that point was a response to the question where are you riding to, and I said el play (that is the baseball field area).  I told them I would hope so after almost 2 years living here (not to mention the college education).

A non native language can be fun, sometimes you just can’t think of the word.  But then sometimes if you have been spending a large portion of your time conversing in another language, you may not be able to think of the word in English either.

This is why sometimes I prefer to just use body language, i.e. pointing to something to get it handed to me.




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