So the end is coming


As of today, I have 89 days left in country.  I have been to my last training type of conference.  They gathered us all together.  Wednesday we all were gathered (18 of us, yup that is a bit less than swore in) at a hotel near the airport.  We got a chance to talk about RPCVs (that is Peace Corps volunteers who returned from service) about the adjustment and what type of jobs they have had since.  We talked about how to convey all the skills we have shown in our service.  A huge one we all have but may no’t always think to articulate is cultural adaptability.  As is shown by us CED (Community Economic Development) females easy ability to throw together our outfits for this picture.

IMG_2476Yup only girls, ’cause both Jeff and Matt returned to the United States.  Peace Corps is a 2 year commitment, but it is not prison so you can choose early termination in place of serving 2 years if it turns out that Peace Corps is not for you.

We also were given time to peer review our resumes.  Told about our Readjustment Allowance and getting off the island.  Given a sheet full of tasks we have to get initialed before we leave.  Told to go to the dentist and have another physical.  And asked for feedback on Peace Corps DR.

The first night we played a game called Tell the Truth.  It is quite a fun way to find out new things about people you know.  Everyone writes down the truth with their name on it, and it goes into a bag.  The MC chooses that person and 2 others and all have act like it is their story.  If you want I taped one of the rounds.  The next night we all gathered and made up Gringa Grita awards.  The Gringa Grita is a volunteer run magazine that comes out twice a year with articles and surveys from the COSers (those closing out their service).  The person that everyone was going to decide on would have to leave the room knowing everyone would be talking about them.  I grabbed my kindle when it was my turn and thought as I sat down hmm it might have something to do with my reading.  I will let  you know through the blog in October if I was right or not.

IMG_2452Well now we are off to the Acting Ambassador’s house for a party in our honor.  A pool party and we are promised food.  Life as a volunteer isn’t always hard.  


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