How we rocked the 4th

So even though I am not currently living in the United States, I still celebrate Independence Day.  Often many of the Peace Corps Volunteers go up to Las Galeras in Samana.  I did that last year and had a good time, but to me it had already been done and there were still parts of the island I wanted to check out.  I wanted to see some of the most talked about beaches, one being Bahia de Las Aguilas (Bay of the Eagles).  So I along with others (the whole CED contingent from the 517-11-02 swear-in group that is still in country) took a trip south. First Anna came to my house to break up her journey.  We were asked by Dana if there was a white belt to be had, and in return I offered her the results of our evening.  Although I was with Anna, I have to say it was still a Hannah Day Day.  I was trying to make red white and blue earring with food coloring.  Anna stuck to just the white feathers.  She made one set and I politely asked her (it was a request) how she would feel about making three more pairs.  She being a sweetheart agreed.  So here are the earring that were made.

DSC_0031 DSC_0029

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe next morning Anna and I took a car, walked down a steep dirt path and stood on the side of the highway.  Yup that’s how I catch a bus to Barahona.  When we stopped in Bani, Ashley and Dana got on as well.  A few hours later we grabbed lunch and some initial provisions.  From there we enjoyed some beer in the park and waited for the boys, Tristan and Danny to join us.  When they had, we got on another bus and got off in Los Patos.  There we spent the time until Thursday enjoying the pool, the river, the beach, and the colmado dancing.

On the 4th, we struck out for Perdanales (the end of the DR).  We tried to get a bus, but after waiting and the only coming by not stopping, we had to go a different route.  We got a bola (that is hitched a ride) in the back of a truck and it was likely more enjoyable than being crammed in a bus.  The view was amazing with driving much of it along the coast and passing some wind turbines (which were huge).  We we taking far and dropped off in the campo a little past Oviedo.  After relaxing and passing some time with some beer, we were able to get on a nice air conditioned bus that we made up half the passengers and travel the rest of the way to Perdanales.

DSCN1027 DSCN9214



Once in the pueblo we told the bus drive the neighborhood name and the street name.  He took us to the neighborhood but was unsure about the street.  We thought we had a bit of walking and asking around to do, but it turns out we were dropped off right in front of the house which Ashley recognized.  The house was Erin and Tyler’s, 2 volunteers who offered us use of it while they went up to Samana.  Erin was great enough to leave us a little guide she had typed up and welcome us with scrabble letters.  Once there we went out to get more provisions.  That night I cooked up some feztival (cornbread fritters) and jerk chicken that I had to step away from, so while was good the spice was over the skin and not under.  Dana and Ashley made us a red, white, and blue cake.  And we listened to Danny’s and my contributions for 4th music, since no one else followed my request.  Then as the night wore on we dressed up in some patriotic outfits and went out dancing.

DSCN1028 IMG_2323IMG_2333 We love America

And did we chose the right bar to go to.  We had been trying to find a truck to take us to the bay and all the numbers we had or were then given didn’t pan out.  However, we did get an offer of a ride from the bar owner in the name of his friend.  So the next morning we confirm the ride and once again get in the back of a truck and get quite a deal on the price.  Then we arrive at Las Cuevas and start to hike, a hike that begins with many stairs to climb.  The other option was to pay for a boat to take us, but we were feeling economical.  Surprisingly, the Dominicans pick us up partly up the trail so we take a very bumpy ride most of the way and got out of part of a long hike with barely any shade.  We did have to hike the last part of it and it seemed so long on the way, but on our return ended up being quite quick.  I have to say that the bay is quite gorgeous, the water was perfect temperature and calm,  the butterflies loved Dana’s sparkly suit, and we had a huge section of the beach just for us, so it was worth the effort of the trip, even though there are no eagles in the bay of eagles.  That effort includes the next morning when we crammed ourselves on a bus to ride for over 6 hours.  However next time I got, I want a car.

Isn’t it just gorgeous?



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