And the cat did not come back the very next day

So on Friday, I went with the middle sister to San Cristobal where she was getting some medical tests done.  She had hit her head, but it is not life threatening.  As I was ready and waiting on her, I watched the male kitten go out the front of the house and begin to follow a cat.  When we got back in the afternoon, Rafelina asked me if I had seen the kitten.  I said yes that morning, but then realized I had not seen the cat since we had returned.  And today, 2 days later, still no sign.

This isn’t the first animal to go missing during my tenure.  The Mother cat went a few months after I came to Cambita.  The Chihuahua of Ronela (the oldest who is now married and pregnant) disappeared in late winter and that didn’t make me too sad because it was an annoying yappy dog . The little cat did not disappear, but died.

When I asked about the animals when they had disappeared, I was told that people steal them and some kill them for no said reason.

Looks to me like Accordion is a goner.


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