Un gatito

AccordionI came back from vacation and found a cat with a shoe lace tied around its neck.  The back area of the house ha a small mouse/rat problem, so they replaced the cat that died earlier this year.  Originally he must have been tied to something to get him accustomed to thinking of the house as home.

What they replaced it with is a whiny little thing, he whines for attention and whenever he thinks he deserves food.

He eats spaghetti and dead lizards as well as other things.

He is afraid of feathers (I had some so I made a toy for him to chase and he runs away).

He purrs constantly and squeaks (the whining) so I named him Accordion (Cord for short).  I named him because in this house the cats are called by saying mish.

It has been noted the rats and mic are not hanging around out back now.

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