A taste of the homeland

So one of the goals of the Peace Corps is to share American cultures with the inhabitants of the country the volunteer is living in.  I did that today through food.  It’s one of my favorite ways to share because I get to make something I like to eat and haven’t had in a long time and food is appreciated.


When it started raining on Thursday, I thought the best way to spend my rainy afternoon would be to make something to eat, specifically funnel cake.  However, when the afternoon came around I decided that I would rather involve Ronelka and she usually rests when she returns from the capital around 3 (after eating a lunch that is sometimes 2.5 times the size of what I ate, although I have around 40 pounds on her).  So instead I simply prepared, I searched on my kindle in the kindle store DSC_0001and found a free Pennsylvania Dutch Cookbook which did contain the recipe.  The book even included a history on the Pennsylvania Dutch which I shared with Ronelka when we started today.

So I learned a few weeks ago if you are ever in the need of powdered sugar, all you need to do is blend it.  Of course you aren’t going to get all of the sugar once you powdered it out of the   I imagine I might use that knowledge again in the future.
DSC_0006So we had a little cultural lesson, I tested Ronelka on her english, and we mixed up the batter.  Attempts 1 – 8 weren’t winning any awards on appearance and also had many
breakaway tiny pieces (don’t worry Coni ate them, so I recycled).

I thought the problem might be the
heat. So we played around with the amount of flame.  But that got us nowhere.

R Funnel CakeSo I searched the internet to see if I could figure out what wasn’t right, and the solution was not at the top of the heap.

It was the batter was not thick enough, once we added more flour, prettiness was achieved.  With the last bit of batter, I made a special personal one for Ronelka who called me a casi chef (almost chef) as she was telling someone how much better she was doing then that person because we were making this.  She named it in Spanish mondongin because it looked like mondongo (tripe).  Luckily it did not taste like tripe. 











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