Woke up today to everything grey

One thing I failed to share is the rain.  Where I am in country, In May, it starts raining.  And once it starts, it will rain most days .  Not always whole days, sometimes a few hours after rain it will be swelteringly sunny.  That means if I need to get somewhere I will either end up wet from rain (usually concentrated in my flats) or from sweating.  As the days start being called June, the rain is not as guaranteed to be daily.  But of course there will still be rain, hurricane season has begun (so has mango season which I prefer of the two.

So this morning it was raining and my thoughts were, this calls for some Guster in the form of Lost and Gone Forever.  The title for this post is the opening line to What You Wish For.  Once I had that playing (with the background noise of the rain on the zinc roof the back gallery), I thought why not share, add another post.


That is a photo of the direction the rain comes from.  I also have a system where Anna tells me it is raining in Samana and I know that in somewhere around 6 hours I am likely to experience it. I understand the urge to stay in on a rainy day, but I went to college where we had class even with substantial snow, so I just can’t give in and fail to leave the house just because it is raining. Dominicans, however, treat it differently.  Dominicans do not come to class when it is raining.  And sometimes not if there is a high likelihood of rain.  It does not have to be pouring to discourage attendance.  So when it is raining at 2 pm, I ponder whether anyone will show up at the 4 pm class.  Sometimes I am pleasantly surprised, and sometimes I end up venturing out just to prove that some rain shouldn’t stop a person (however if it is pouring, I admit there is no reason, as noone will come).


In addition to helping flowers grow and such, the rain also make the household’s bird Coni much more talkative.  Constantly telling Ronelka to come here.

It has stopped now, so hopefully the afternoon classes will go off (I used the rainy morning to prepare and not go on a bike ride or do laundry).  Especially because there will be no class next week as I am off to explore another part of the island and celebrate the independence of the United States of America in the best way I know.


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