Ponga tu flo

DSCF0377So in my time here in the Dominican Republic, my dress style has changed at lest temporarily.  In the States, I never went for the skin hugging jeans.  However, after time down here seeing the Dominican fashion, I began to add a few pieces more in that style.  First came just the tight jeans, I believe I bought my first pair 5 months in country.  Then there were the 200 peso sandals or flats that I knew getting a month out of was the only reasonable expectation.  I had not given into the colored pants.  I helped Anna find her pink ones so that she could go to the Romeo concert in style.  With time and much thought, I finally settled on what color pants I wanted.  Goldenrod.  A color that would work well with my wardrobe.

Once I knew what I wanted I knew where I had to go.  To Duarte.  downloadIn the Capital, Avenida Duarte contains many departments stores.  When I just am interested in seeing what cheap clothing I can find, the Plaza is the best.  When I am looking for specific style, Duarte is the best place to start.  It has such a plethora of stores, that it make take hours, but you are likely to find the clothing you are looking for.  It was where I found a 2 dollar Presidente (one of the 3 major beer brands in the DR)  for Tristan just by luck.  One day Tristan, Anna, and I went on a search to find him the perfect Tiguere shirt (a shirt that stands out, has complicated designs on it and sometimes sparkle, though that more likely when you are a girl).  We were looking for that because sometimes you need to ponga tu flo (put on your flo), such as the case was when we were going to see the king of Bachata, Romeo Santas.  It took a long while to find a shirt that was enough (a 6 or 7 on the flo scale) tiguere and that Tristan would where.  Here is a shot of Tristan with Jose and Danny to the right of him, Dominicaned up.
DSCF0321So one morning, I met Anna at Duarte (conveniently both of our buses to the capital drop us off there) and we began the search.  What I can tell you is on the side of the street heading north the shops had yellow pants that were too sunshine yellow or pale, none fit my idea of what I wanted until the last shop, except the size was just not fitting.  Then bang across the street I find them, the fit was what I wanted as was the color.  They weren’t perfect (a few too many zippers) but they clicked for what I would pay and get.  I wore them for my birthday trip and also to go do a training for the new volunteers in April.  Matt has told me he has a bar in mind for me to wear them in in New York (they do live in Washington Heights a Dominican area).  I can’t guarantee I will put on my flo in all its glory in States (though I love my goldenrod pants), so I will leave you with this picture.


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