Celebrating 262974.6 Hours

Back in March, a week after recovering from dengue (which really didn’t seem to affect me after I got out of the hospital) I turned 30.  And for that birthday I decided to take a break from my volunteer life.  During our service, we receive vacation days, so I wasn’t just skipping out on my obligation.  Originally I was finally going to enact my dream of a birthday week.  It was justifiable, there was going to be a trip up to Samana, then down to Playa Limon (which would include some trivial pursuit!) and then on to Bavaro to meet up with my spectacular friends Matt and LB.  From the ICU, I had Anna who was accompanying me cancel the plans up until the weekend.  It was disheartening, but I was feeling pretty low with the trouble breathing and inability to keep food or liquid down.  If you want to hear more about the dengue experience I did put up a timely post on that.

So plans changed, Instead Anna came out to join me at my local beach Najayo.  It costs me around 5 dollars round trip, and takes about an hour.


The white house you see, is an abandoned house that the dictator Rafeal Leonidas Trujillo constructed.  And there is a bathing area with a wall around it to limit the waves, that used to be his own private pool.  Luckily, now it is open to the public.  I don’t believe Nayajo is the best beach in the Dominican Republic, so don’t go out of your way to visit, however, it is a proper beach and a good one.

Anna had picked up provisions, so we had a fun time snacking and enjoying the sea.  Then we went back to Cambita to spend the night.  The next morning we left early enough to catch a bus in the capital to Bavaro/Punta Cana.  Or so we thought, instead we got there 2 minutes after the bus left according to the new schedule.  So we walked two storefronts over to the Higuey bus.  We got on that chilled bus and saw a dubbed Rocky.  From there we got off at the wrong stop and therefore had to take a moto over to the right stop in Higuey for the Punta Cana bus.  On that bus we failed to get off soon enough, because it did not make the turn the express bus would have.  At another stop we talked with Dominicans who thought I was not understanding when we were told it would take us 3 buses to get to our resort, but it was really the acceptance of of course we grab a bus going back and then 2 more buses.  Anna says after we figured out we should have gotten off earlier, she was thinking that might be it because she had read the travel information the day after I got out of the hospital and I had left it in her hands.  So on the 2nd bus of the group, they tell us to get off at a shopping plaza.  The bus turns left after it lets us off, so I suppose our resort is in the right direction, but talking to the moto drivers, I found that was not the case.  So no idea why we were told to get off then.  So we took another ride on motos and finally get to the resort.  Only took 1 carro, 2 moto rides, and 5 buses.  However it did allow us to arrive bang on time to check-in.

Once we were there, life was quite different.  There was bacon and tiny delicious desserts.  One night we went to a restaurant (hint if you go to an all inclusive book the restaurants as soon as you get there) and I had a succulent steak.  Besides from eating there was the shower I wanted to use 5 times a day to make sure I got all the enjoyment out of it before I went back to one that didn’t have hot water, perfect scope and water pressure.  In addition, we enjoy the beach in the morning, which did have the nicest sand I have so far seen in the DR, and then the sit at bar in the pool in the afternoon.  One night Anna and I wandered to find an awesome disco revue.  So fabulous with the dances and the many costume changes.

So I spent my long weekend in style and quite enjoyed by 30th birthday.  I happily did not wake up that day with my spine contracted into a C.  Here is the one picture I took of me with my great friends LB, Anna, and Matt.



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