Una Boda sin Sangre

Now it is not always common for people in the Dominican Republic to get married in a church.  Some go for civil ceremonies and some (especially in the more rural regions) simply move in together and call it married (we refer to it as campo married).  However, my host sister Mariana Ronela went with the traditional catholic route back in January.

DSCN0851A week before the wedding, I had gotten back that day from the medical mission, I get asked if I want to come along to the bridal shower.  How much warning did I get, about 5 minutes as usual, otherwise I would have showered off the travel grime.  So we all get together at a friends house, to which Ronela is lured under false pretenses and successfully surprise her..

DSCN0857The party was fun, it included drinks, food, games, and of course some dancing.

The following week, on Sunday there was the wedding.  The house was full of all the bridesmaids getting their makeup


done.  With them beautifully dressed, they went off to the church.  It was a wonderful ceremony. 

We then all went to Villa Shantal, a reception location, which is just outside San Cristobal.  There was a buffet style meal with many of the dominican classics making an appearance.  

After dinner was the dancing.  It started out with a first dance between the couple which I took a video of.  As with most times I see Dominicans dancing, I am envious of the comfortableness and style they have on the dance floor.  I got to dance with her grandfather and he made me feel like I could actually dance meringue.  After a while there was something I did not expect.  A small band marches in and they give out props like masks, and a Licey tiger headdress for the groom and a Ciboa eagle one for the bride (representing their chosen teams.  And an addition I think any wedding can do without – airhorns.

So while the wedding was similar to many I have attended in the States, it still had Dominican Flair.  And to see some of that flair in action I leave you with a short video of the first dance.


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