I have been back in the DR for 4 days.  I have to say it seems the same.  Still noisy.

Would you like to know in what ways:

1. Motos without mufflers

2. Trucks announcing that they are selling things

3. Cars whose drivers want to share their music with everyone when parked

4. Children shouting

5. Church service in the church behind the wall (Rafelina tells me there were no music sessions while I was gone, I don’t believe her although she was convincing)

6. The music from the colmado two doors down

7. Shouting from downstairs until the person upstairs responds

8. Car alarms

9. Roosters that crow not just at dawn

10. The tv upstairs being loud enough to clearly hear it downstairs

Those all have happened since I have been back.  It just differs from the town my parents live in.  Maybe it’s not my favorite part of the DR, but usually by 11 it is quiet and there is also a traquil period after lunch most days.  So don’t worry about me.

Plus, here is a picture of me in Jamaica when there was just the peaceful sound of a rain shower.  I had a wonderful vacation.


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