Paying the rent

So I will be getting on a plane on Thursday.  It is finally time for a vacation.  Therefore the excuse for no updates for the next few weeks will be I was not in the DR so had no updates, or I got back and had to prepare for 1 year training which somehow I put off til 2 days before (not planning that, just speculating it could be what the future holds).  Therefor next post will probably be December.

With the fact that for 3 weeks I will not be using the room, or more importantly eating in the house.  I set about last night to negotiate a break in the rent for November.  So I asked a question along those lines.  The response was but this payment is not for November.  How can you pay when the month has not happened and therefore it is unknown how much you will need to pay?  In my defense, I usually pay the same amount and since in the States rent is always paid for the coming days, I thought for the past year I had been paying for the month that had not completed.  Rafelina told me no, that was not the case.

Okay then, I am pretty sure that I have paid at the beginning of each month for a full month 12 times before yesterday (for the 12 months up to October).  So in the end I may pay for an extra month.  However, yesterday night when we both were tired, was not the time to puzzle it out.  Also I never bothered with recording payment or receipts, so it is just our memories and beliefs to work off of.  As I said to Anna last night, when I called her bemused at the situation, I get taken care of very well here, so in the end will I mind paying extra.

Just funny that in the United States unless otherwise stated, I assume rent is paid in advance, but for Rafelina here in country rent is paid for services rendered.

However, some things are just like in the United States.  She asked me this morning what time I was leaving for the capital tomorrow.  I said I did not know exactly, when I felt it was time.  Just like my father, she wa snot satisfied with such an inexact answer


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