A year

So I have been here more than a year.  But I just passed my 1 year in service mark.  Remember the first part was fiddly structured training.  It was not until October 26, 2011 that I officially began my service.  Last Friday, that date passed.  Since I have apparently not addressed this enough in my posts I will answer a frequent question “How am I doing?”

Well I think there is a reason I don’t usually right about this.  It feels strange.  I saw my first spanish facilitator about 2 weeks ago and and she asked what happened to me, I asked what she meant, feeling perplexed.  Veronica responded that I was much more relaxed than when I first came.  My response was that I was happy, liked my community, host family, and felt comfortable.

I evaluated a few weeks ago, and thought that timewise, another year seems about right.  Of course now that I passed the year mark, my moratorium on thinking about what next has come to an end.  Of at this moment I have a year minus a week, and therefore I am not stressed out about it yet.

Most days are pretty good.  There are annoyances, but nothing that takes away the good feeling.  I could do with more variety of food choices, mufflers on motorcycles, the country not being death to any technology I own, and more timeliness.  But life is not meant to be perfect.  And if all those things happened would it be perfect or would my idea of perfect evolve.  Well that question will not be answered in the DR.

And sometimes when I need to experience life outside of the pueblo, I get to hang out with other volunteers and share some American Culture.  Such as in mid October where the part of my swear-in group that could and wanted to got together in San Rafeal to celebrate reaching a year.

Sometimes when trying to work on a project I get frustrated either because miscommunication, or differing levels of commitment, or sometimes things just hit delays.  However so far through service it has either eventually worked out, sometimes just by realizing if there was not a level of commitment on the Dominicans part it wasn’t the right project.

However, it is a blessing to live in such a welcoming place.  I have no fear of starving in this country, considering every time I visit a house I am offered food or a seat.

I’m not always in my comfort zone, but I have become more at ease with things such as the crampedness of transport.  I said to someone recently, I cannot remember exactly what were my expectations of Peace Corps or Peace Corps DR, but I don’t think they were anything like what it is.  However, to me this feels like the right thing to be doing right now.

So how am I, depending on the moment: happy, comfortable, frustrated, excited, sweaty, a tad frightened, and many other things.

  1. World's Awesomest Big Sister said:

    The death to electronics may not be the DR, it may be your influence on it. Also, why is my birthday gift going to be more well traveled than I am!?

    • It’s not only my electronics that die. Why is the gift more traveled, because the giver is more traveled then you.

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