40 nights

On September 4th, I started a Countdown.  I said to myself, “39, 39 more nights”.  Then the next day I said 38.  When I saw Rafeal the following day and told him trienta siete, he chuckled.  Why I started counting was on September 4th an Evangelical Campaign started on the play.  There had been signs since mid July announcing 40 nights and I had been feeling dread since I first saw one.

Here is a short video showing what a mid week night looked like early in the night.

The event would start around 7 or 7:30 and go sometimes at late as 11:30.  Because of where the house is located, a few houses down the street of a street that borders the play, there was no real sound barrier.  When Stanley was visiting, I stayed in a room upstairs facing the play and experienced an even louder version.  What a night would consist of would be recorded music, songs to sing along to, and sermons (some that appeared to me when I wanted to sleep to be angry yelling).

I wasn’t there for all 40 nights, but I was for enough of them.  When Doug asked me on Saturday about it, I did a little happy jump telling him it was over (he had seen the sign announcing it as well.  I just sometimes would think even if this event was approved so close to a residential area in the U.S. it would be cut off around 10.


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