Time to make the donuts!

So even though I am on a tropical island there is access to things like Krispy Kreme.  I’ve never been blown over and thought that Krispy Kreme a nirvana of doughnuts (I’ve experienced pleasure when getting a free one when the hot light is on).  I’m not saying they are not worth eating, just I could be as happy with a Dunkin’ Donut.  However, the closest place I can get a doughnut is the capital.  There the joy of it being still warm, is lost.

So I stumbled upon a recipe for doughnuts and confirmed that they were fried.  That is impostant because most cooking is done above stove since a burner takes less gas than heating the over.  I then suggested to Ronelka that she should make and sell them to the colmados as a business for some efectivo (that is what is said when you are supposed to hand over cash).  First we decided to do a trial run.

Vacations and finding the time led to yesterday being the day.  I also combined it with her english lessons, by adding some new vocabulary (scald and yeast) and reviewing others with the props.  Let me tell you about making doughnuts, there is some major down time for the yeast to work. Also they are tricky to shape when you don’t have a cutter.

So our doughnuts did not end up being the prettiest.  But as I told Ronela when she commented, my stomach does not care what it looks like, it focuses on how it tastes.  How did they taste?  Delicious.  Ronelka named them Ashley and Ronelka’s Doughnuts.  We figure next run (if there is one) we will work on the appearance.  Rafelina (my DR mommy) said we should have a doughnut factory.


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