Everything for Sale

One cultural difference here is how things are sold. There are stores of course, and even large stores that have everything from food to hardware.  However, often a Dominican would have to worry about transport back to their house after a trip to the store and some items are not conducive to public transport on the back of a motorcycle (although one day I will have to share the amazement of what can be transported by motorcycle) or in the car shared by 6 other people (although I did transport a .laundry basket filled with other purchases by paying for 2 seats, i.e. the equivalent of one normal seat).

Another way to sell, is the street vendors.  There are stationary vendors, who sell prepared foods and coconuts.  However, there are also the ones who walk or drive down the street announcing what they are selling.  As I was typing this 2 buys walked by, one with a pot of avocados on his head and the other repeating aguaucates, aguacates.  The trucks will go buy and stop if there is any sign of interest to allow the the potential client all opportunity to partake.  Instead of just describing this, I wanted to share a video I took one day.  Just look at how much is on this truck.


I haven’t tested it, but I believe you could get everything except for clothing, from the vendors who pass down the street or the colmado a few house down. – I have to correct that.  Another volunteer says that there is a truck in her community that has clothes.  So no need to venture far afoot.


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