To share about the rest of June.

Time got away from me so let’s recap what has gone on since the last recap.

After 3 weeks of early morning church hour, some neighbors discussed things with the church and such activities have stopped.  That has made sleep a more continuous process.

In early June, there was the Mango Fair in Bani, so on the Friday I headed there with a group of volunteers (it is the next province over).  I’d say the number of types of mangos is comparable to the number of types of apples.  To try to get a variety to sample, as a group we bought different types and then passed them around.  The smoothness of the meat of the mango varied as fiber content varied and the flavor s also shifted from sweet, to sour, to tart.  Some volunteers have peeling a mango down to an art and it resembles a banana peel, I however am not as skilled.  When I was given one by Rosanny in Mucha Agua, after watching me for a few minutes she took it away and brought it back cut on a plate for me.  Luckily Caitlin was smart enough to get someone to hold the mango for her as she ate.  As she was the only one with clean enough hands to help the rest of us clean off.  I also partook in a mango milkshake.  Which was quite delicious.  Ashley who works with a cooperative that sells dried mango and other fruit, said that Saturday was more the day for activities for average visitors.  On Friday, most activities were geared towards businesses.  I almost forgot to add, there was even some artwork for sale that contained painted mangos.

The next morning I got up and taught my Saturday morning Construye class and then headed east.  I spent the afternoon with Tristan in his batey.  His lifestyle is a bit different than mine.  He did not
remain with his host family and has a wooden shack of his own.  Each night he has a battle of wills with the critters, such as rats, that would like to claim it as their own.  Sunday morning we got up super early because the guagua from his batey to the pueblo has a very limited schedule and we needed to go into the capital for In Service Language Training and get to the houses of our original host families.

So for that week it felt like a time warp, as we stayed with our first families and trekked to the training center each morning, even a trip to Bon or two.  It also felt different, because the volunteers who were my neighbors during training, had done their training the week before.  To sum it up, it was a useful week but, I can’t say that the usefulness outweighed the less pleasant parts of the week.


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