My new alarm

Sunday night I went to bed pretty early, but I wanted to overload with sleep to make up for the night before.  Come 6:40AM I hear music.  At first I’m a little addled, and I think its coming from the house.  I mean it is loud and clear in my room.  After a few songs the music switches over to a long prayer.  I finally overcome my unwillingness to leave the bed (it is a decision in the morning because it involves untucking the mosquito net.

I venture in the back of the house and take the above picture.  Then I take a walk around the block and confirm that it can be related to the church that always reminds me at night that is it Wednesday when I hear the music from the service for hours.

Then I head up to the roof to get a better handle on the situation and discover the some on hooked up the speaker on the multistory house next door, so buildings wouldn’t muffle the sound.

So the program is a few songs, a 10 minute prayer, and a few more songs.  In total, 30 minutes starting at 6:40AM.  And it occurred again this morning, so it appears I have a new alarm.  Quite earlier than I need to get up.


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