High School Spanish

Early last week there were some Americans in Cambita.  A highschool group had come down and my h-sister Ronelka brought 2 home for lunch.  Let’s just say my pride in my spanish was high that day in comparison.

But it’s interesting because in the last week two things have reminded me of my early spanish classes, the ones with Profe (for those who did not have Mr. Knipe as a spanish teacher, that’s what we called him).

The first instance was when the americans gifted Ronelka with a mancala game.  I was a bit disappointed it was not the Rubik’s cube she had brought home earlier in the week, but that was only a loan.  The flaw with the gift was that the instructions were only in english.  And for the lucky translator there were in game english not exactly the way one normally talks.  This is why salt-water taffy is the perfect gift when traveling to foreign lands, deliciousness translates into any language without words.

But what made me run and take a picture was, back senior year of highschool one of our spanish assignments was to bring in a game and tell the class how to play it in spanish.  Of course a great way to practice spanish, but really is it going to come up in life.  Well for me it did.

Here is the shot I got with my camera, Chichi (a neighbor) and Ronelka just learning, and Ronelka is a bit perplexed.

The other event was when I had my Construye attendance chart out on the table.  Since Construye consists of 14 classes, I just made one of those charts like in elementary school for keeping track of accomplishments.  Of course I never bothered to pick up any gold stars, so I just told my first class (I  now have more than 1!) to draw something like a star or flower.  One of the girls likes to change her drawing each week and one week was a rocket.  At least that was my take on it.  So when it’s on the table Ronelka asks me what the picture is and I cannot think of the word for rocket, so I find myself doing the hand gesture we learned in Profe’s class.  She was a bit confused and eventually with like a avion (plane) and others words she figured out I meant cohete (rocket).  But it was amusing that when I could not think of the word the first thing I try is the hand gesture.  Ahh kinesthetic learning.

Well glad that my spanish is now more advanced than that class so many years ago, but it was a good foundation.  And has provided a few good stories.

  1. imaginationactive said:

    OOO i should send you some Ozarks salt water taffy! It’s the only taffy-like item I will eat. Do you think it would last long in mailing? What is your favorite flavors?

    • I think they would not be ready to eat on arrival, but after a stint in the freezer, why not. I would say my favorite flavor is vanilla since I would by a pound from Shrivers. But the other flavors such as grape and rootbeer, you know the not too funky ones, are good.

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