El Teke Teke Ahora

So there has been a dembows song that has been pretty popular for this calendar year (oh how I miss Prince Royce).  I don’t think a day goes by in Cambita that I don’t hear it.  There have been times where the colmado 2 house down has had it on repeat (I felt like it repeated 10 times once).  The PRD party even adopted it for their caravans and put Danilo’s name in it.

If you are curious about the song, here it is.


At first I just hated the song and when Ronelka would begin with the sounds that start the song I would gesture with my hands that I was going to silence her. I know not very Peacey of a Peace Corps Volunteer. But after a month or two I found myself starting to sing the song.  Scary what I can become accustomed to.

And as for what it means, one article translates it to be anger and another source translates it as something that bothers us.  It’s slang, so not exactly something I will find in my spanish english dictionary.

Tuesday night I visited an English class.  It is a class taught by a dominican and the students practiced their english by asking me questions.  One question was what type of music do I like.  My response of alternative, was not understood.  I tried to think of a band they might know, but the Shins also did not make a connection.  So after a moment I go “Va da el teke teke ahora, teke teke ahora”.  The class found it hilarious.  I was thinking, you really think I could live here for 9 months and not know the song.  But it was enjoyable how amused they were.

  1. jay said:

    I found your article interesting and funny. Lol just came by it but liked it alot. I hope you enjoying it down there 😉

  2. Wil said:

    Seems like a good place to be with winter coming on, at least. I stumbled onto your post trying to figure out the lyrics for that song, for me it’s been an earworm since I heard it recently.

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