2 tickets for Sanky Panky 2

So one of the initiatives of the Business Program is Construye Tus Suenos.  For those learning bits of spanish through this blog the translates as Construct Your Dreams.  The goal of the course is to teach entrepreneurial youth how to write a business plan.  It consists of 14 classes that help develop entrepreneurial skills and provide the tools to write out a formal business plan.  For those between 16 and 29, they can submit a completed business plan to the adjacent competition.  The first round of the competition has the plans graded by the rubric and those of a high enough level are sent back with markup and invited to present their plans at the conference in October.  The prizes vary by year, but last October 3 were funded up to the amount of 70,000 pesos and one with a smaller budget under 30,000 was funded as well.

So I started my initial class in April.  We are able to use the Indotel building, which is nice because I don’t have to trek across town to get there.  My first class I only had females, and wondered if it was just because I was female or if the female jovenes were just more serious.  The second week, a couple of guys joined the class.

Last week we went over marketing and the for Ps (Place, Price, Product, and Promotion), whats great is the manual they were translated into 4 Spanish Ps as well.  At one point in the class they were broken up into small groups (I say were broken up, because I made sure they weren’t working with who they always worked with) and given a common Dominican product to think up a promotion campaign for.

We all got a great kick out of the pair that was promoting Crackets (a more buttery ritz cracker – my review) who included in their campaign a limited time offer of 2 tickets to Sanky Panky 2 with purchase.  I have only heard about the movie, but have acquired a copy to watch.  Just so you know it is a comedy and a sanky panky refers to a male prostitute.  I will share my thoughts after viewing.

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