Attack of the killer cockroach

So I don’t believe I much discussed the insects down here.  Well there are some and some spiders whatever category that falls under.  Luckily during training I missed the presentation on such things being projected on the screen and talked about for longer than a moment because I had an interview with my APCD and PCVL.  I asked for the gist after my interview was over, and that was nothing deadly.

So the mosquitoes of course are prevalent.  As I started typing this one had landed on my pinky finger.  The big worry of mosquitos is that they carry dengue and malaria.  To combat this we have mosquito spray and a mosquito net.  If you don’t put up the mosquito net sometimes you will be trying to sleep and the mosquito will taunt you flying close to your ear saying in the buzz that they are going to bite you.

Next come spiders.  I know, I need to be rational about them.  Most are not gunning for me. But it’s an irrational fear (I think partly from watching Arachnophobia at a young age), I cannot handle being in the same room as one of them.  This is one of the reasons on my list of good thing I did not move out of my host family’s house in Cambita.  When I see one in my room I shriek and then go find someone else to dispose of it for me. If I lived alone, I would just have to abandon rooms until I had to go explain to a neighbor that they needed to do a check of the whole house, without sharing for how many days since I had seen the spider in the bathroom.

And now for the final unwelcome guests in my room.  Cockroaches.  I believe most people know the song La Cucaracha. I bit of a side story.  I was studying in Spain during college and feeling pretty good about my ability to communicate in Spanish.  I go into the bathroom one morning and there is a cockroach in the tub, the calculation in my head decides that I just can’t handle taking care of it.  So I go out and try to explain to Kris (my host mom there had 2 americans, a german girl, and a swedish guy staying with her) what the problem is but cannot think of the word for what is in the tub.  Luckily he gets the drift.  But later when my brain was functioning at a higher level, I just wanted to smack myself, cucaracha.

There are actually two main stories here.  After an incident of another spider in the room, I actually bothered to set up my mosquito net.  I had not before because mosquitos never had been a huge problem in my room and I had nowhere to easily attach it to.  I low level macgyvered a solution involving not being able to have the window open and the light.

After a bit of time I became lax about making sure the net was firmly tucked in. And then I woke up in the middle of the night thinking I felt something in my hair.  I shook my head and felt nothing but after a minute of trying to fall back asleep I just felt uneasy and turned on my head lamp and saw a cockroach on the inside of the net.  That is not the way it is supposed to see.  Being 2 am (I had checked) I only had the will to use a book to knock it out of the net and then retuck from the inside, and worry about the rest in the morning.  Let me say you just don’t get a decent night’s sleep after waking up because there was a cockroach in your hair.

And then last night it was not time for bed, but since Ronelka was using my computer, I just went in my room to lie down and comfortably read.  I did not go through the hassle of tucking the final side, because it was not a long term commitment to being in the bed.  All of the sudden I hear a buzzing and a cockroach lands on the top of the net..  When one flies at me, even when I am inside the net, I’m not feeling very confident about my chances of not being touched by it.  I think about my options,  because, I don’t want to leave the net and have it fly at me, but also eventually it could crawl down the open side.  So I stealthily reach my hand down for the can of Baygon on the floor and bring it inside the net to spray it out (possibly destroying my lungs).  However the cockroach is still going after an unhealthy application of Baygon.  So it is drunkenly moving along the valley of the top of the net and so I whack it with the can.  Man did it fly, and this time not of its own volition.  After I moment I steel myself and exit the safe zone.  I see the cockroach on its back not really moving, on closer inspection it had a slight movement of the legs.  I then grab a bag and remove it to outside.

So I guess it wasn’t really a killer cockroach, but a killer peace corps volunteer, just felt the title worth not being completely accurate.

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  1. World's Awesomest Big Sister said:

    Yuck! We had a spider incident here yesterday. It did not end well and I may have screamed at Joe that he was “squealing like a pig” and Trey may have repeated that a few times now.

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