A trip to the Migration Office

I woke up in the capital this morning and went with a group of volunteers to get my green card.  Woohoo, I have permission until November now.  I was asked by another volunteer if my diet was working, I gave her a blank look.  She had been with me on my first Jumbo trip (magical land of shopping) when I bought a scale.  I also bought a pillow, which was an excellent purchase.  I bought the scale because we met several of the volunteers who had been here a while during CBT (Community Based Training) and heard from some of the females about a significant weight gain.  I just didn’t want to deal with gaining weight and trying to lose it, which gets harder as I get older.  Plus my clothes would not fit, so its not economically efficient.  So I bought the scale to just be aware if any had started.  And it has worked, I am not 20 pounds heavier.  Plus my dominican family likes it and asks me to bring it out sometimes so we can all see what we weigh.

So two more things to share about my morning.  We rode to the office in the Jepita.  Brought back the joy of CBT, but at least there was no worry about boxes dislodging.  And then when we go into the room to have our pictures taken, I tell the senora my name and she is not picking out my paper so I point to the one with my picture on it.  She says it doesn’t look like you, your hair grew, and you had glasses on.  I did not add, I was also severely sleep deprived and had just arrived in the country.  Thank goodness I got a new photo for my green card, that one is fun enough on the map with everyone’s places and me id. Although on the id is handy when showing other volunteers how short my hair was (and other volunteers all went through the same thing, so understand).

After we got back to the office, I took care of some tasks and ran into our Safety and Security Officer (wonderful and nice, she visited me at my site) and she asks if I have another shirt.  I considered the shirt somewhere in the family of magenta, it was apparently purple and therefore politically significant.  Elections are Sunday and we as Peace Corps Volunteers are advised to stay out of such discussions, not supposed to leave our sites for the day before, day of, and day after, and not wear political colors.  A suggestion is, it will be a good time for planning.  Technically I was not within those days yet, but I changed shirts anyways because the other was cooler and I was going to be broadening my knowledge of the capital (successfully done, to be discussed later), but had not worn the shirt that morning because it did not fully cover my shoulders as we were informed shirts had to.

Let me know if there is anything you wonder about what my days and nights are like.

Here is a moment of zen, although there is a circus of noise around me.

  1. imaginationactive said:

    You left with really short hair, how long has it gotten. Also is magenta a political color there?

    • artsyashley said:

      My hair is now more of a short bob. So in the very back not much more length, but more even.

      Magenta is not a political color, purple is and she saw my magenta as purple. White is also a political color along with a few others, it really limits the wardrobe.

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