Que significa hone-rune

Yesterday there was something going on at el play.  El play is where the baseball field (or fields, we have two) are.  There is also low-key basketball court (as in no nets) and all use building that can be used for volleyball or the Miss Cambita pagent.  The municipal truck came around announcing the activity along with many details, but I often drown out the trucks with announcements because they have become rote.  However after the middle sister said something, I asked Ronelka (h-youngest) what was happening.  She said to me something that sounded like hone-rune.  I did not put it together and asked her was that meant (the phrase que significa works for such questions), so which she tells me when the ball is hit out of the field, ohh a home run contest.

After lunch we went over to check it out, and it had drawn a crowd.  The crowd was more dominantly male, but we weren’t the only girls.

The participants were jovenes (teenagers and guys in their twenties).  The children were relegating to rounding up the balls that landed out in the field inside the wall.  Whenever there was a pop fly there would be a cluster trying to catch it.

We didn’t say very long – the strength of the sun made me feel like I was under a magnifying glass held by a child trying to burn ants – but I did take some pictures to share part of my Sunday.

And the amusing thing about not getting what she was saying, is with another volunteer I had been complaining about not being understood when I was close enough to how the word is said, and said if someone said something to me in english that was only partly said wrong, I would get it.  Turns out I did not have a leg to stand on with that.  I vow to put even more effort into my pronunciation and enunciation.


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