Looking back

It was interesting to be hanging out with someone who is counting down the days left and a volunteer who has not even sworn in yet.  I still have a year and a half left, but the first quarter has not dragged.

Before Turner actually arrived for his site visit, I was saying to Anna and Tristian remember what that felt like.  Looking back I realize I never really shared my first day.

We had to get up early and take out belongings to the training center to be bused to another center where two people from our community were there to meet us.  I was met by Nicolas who is part of CEPROCRO and Mauri’s daughter whose name I can’t remember now.  It was not the most awkward day of my life as some older volunteers had described it to us.  However it was not the easiest either, trying start a conversation beyond simple where I was from and my age.  After a few presentations and lunch we headed to our sites.  Happily I discovered Nicolas had driven so I did not have to lug the bags on public transport.  I was hoping I understood where the stops were for when I had to do it by myself.

Because I live close to the capital, I was in Cambita in no time flat.  I liked the look of it.  So after a brief time I am left alone with my dona and then Rafeal who was fixing something in the bathroom of my room (prior me being hosted, there was not a toilet).  Rafeal when he came out greeted me and told me to take his number, but it was not until the next day that I realized he was not a handyman but the president of the organization I was to work with.  Part of this was, I was a tad overwhelmed with the nervousness of this is where I would be for the next 2 years and I would be living in the house for at least 3 months.  After a bit my dona suggests we go upstairs and shows me the television with cable and I end up watching Jurassic Park with her, of course she provided me with a beverage (she is a good dominican dona).  I cannot remember much more of what happened that day beyond being exhausted by the end of it and figuring out how early I could go to bed.  The next few days I was introduced to a ton of people and saw more of my town, I felt very happy to have been assigned to Cambita.


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