Mi tio y tia Metz

So my sister was surprised to hear that I had seen relatives in the DR.  I may have failed to mention to her that my aunt had contacted me after she found out about my service, that she and my uncle would be in the Dominican Republic for a conference in April.  I did tell other people, it was nto a secret.  A little background.  My Aunt Cathy is a younger sister of my mom and she and my Uncle Ken around 2 decades ago became missionaries in Guatamala.  They have since changed to Peru.  They have conferences every 4 years and several times in the DR.  It was nice that it timed to when I was here, because as far as I can think I probably have not seen them for 9 years or such.

So their conference was at Hotel Barceló Cabella in Juan Dolio and I got to have luxury for a day.  Most of all the luxury of choice in food.  My plate for a meal would be filled with a combination of watermelon, beef, pasta, and greens.  Or something along those lines and then there would be dessert.  It was quite a treat.  Also I got to spend a little time on the beach relaxing.  I may not be far from the beach (about an hour of transport), but I still haven’t gone that often.

Also fun was hearing some of the news on the family (Aunt Cathy is much better with passing along the information than my mother).  In addition I heard some stories about my family from before I was born.  One very amusing one was Aunt Cathy told of a time she had visited my parents in New Jersey and a chair had been added to the table for lunch,  Once she had got up after lunch and turns back to the table she saw that the chair was no longer there.  I can just imagine my dad the moment she got up, immediately fixing everything to the way it should be.  Aunt Cathy also said she made my mom jealous telling her they were going to see me, it’s good to know I won’t ever be too grown-up to taunt my sister.

There is not really that much more to write about it (some stories don’t need to be shared outside the family), I just wanted to share how joyful I was to have a chance to see them.


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