The threat of the loss of sanity

I haven’t widely shared about a great upset in my idyllic island life.  Well idyllic is not quite the most appropriate word consider there are sometimes spiders in my room.  Not Australia Bird Eating spider size, but still a few inches.  And also cockroaches, but those I can just shoo unlike the spiders which make me scream and call for another household member to kill it.  I don’t know what I would have done if I moved out, abandoned rooms until I could get someone to come over and clear  unwelcome guests out.

Well back to the actual upset.  I was sitting one of the wicker rockers in front of the house working on my computer and reading from my kindle on a Thursday night.  I the kindle to the side and I thought nothing at the time, ut it make have slipped to the ground.  Also that may not have been the first time.  I can not accurately report that because I have not been documenting such events.  The next time I go to look at my kindle it has not gone to sleep, but when I try changing the page it will not change.  It was fully charged in the morning, so lack of energy was not the problem.  I tried resetting it, but nothing worked.

I looked for tips on the internet and came to the conclusion the kindle was likely to be a goner.  After looking on amazon I wonder how I will get it shipped to me, since when I practice purchasing a new one it says it will not send it to my new address.  So I contact Amazon tech support by email.  The next morning I have an email back stating it will have to be done over the phone or chat.  Luckily I get reliable internet at times I was able to chat through the problem.  Shortly after the question of it falling came up and I said that was a possibility, the amazon rep declares a new one is needed.  What I learned next was a replacement kindle is not full cost and it would be shipped to my address (the Peace Corps office) in the DR.  According to the tracking info, the new kindle was delivered on Tuesday morning.  I fearing there was a malevolence in me getting my mail (since the first 3 packages took months) almost asked Anna to open my mailbox, but it turns out I forgot my key so I had to go ask for one from the reception desk.  I then go back and try the ring of keys multiple times and none work.  I was half wondering if I really kept missing one, but when I get to the desk I get asked what letter is my box and being one of the new boxes it has its own key.  It was good to hear that, since I was questioning my competency.  I opened the box and there is was a brand new kindle that once I turned on received a few of the books I sent the day before.  They named it Ashley’s 2nd Kindle, I feel that needs to change but have not come up with anything worthy yet, so I will take suggestions.

So when I realized the kindle was out of service, I called Anna to ask her to bring some books she had finished since we would see each other when visiting Monte Plata.  She apparently relayed to Tristian before I saw him about my trouble.  He said he had to laugh knowing how much I used it.  My  response was, well you know how countries harp on food security, I like to have book security for my sanity.  I like to know if I finish one there is another to take its place, and it is nice to have a selection for the mood as well.  Considering the quick replacement and my rationing, I survived without being overcome with boredom.  I think it is clear that I am thankful to have my kindle for my time of service, especially great since there is not a library in town (although that may change according to what I was told).

Since a picture of a kindle would be boring and I feel I should always have a picture, here is one of my lovely h-sister Ronelka showcasing an empty coca-cola bottle.  I have to say at times I am jealous of the length of her hair.


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