La Plaza

So considering I am wearing a top I got there, I suppose I will share about a handy shopping spot in Cambita.  La Plaza.  Tuesday and Friday mornings many vendors gather in the open field near the Mormon Church.

The cloths come in varying degrees of use, some appear to be brand new.  As seen in the first picture some vendors hang their goods for easy viewing.  Others simply have
piles of clothes on a table separated by
whether they are for females/males, adults/children, outwear/underwear.  The clothing originally comes in large packets from the States.  Sometimes the clothing will still have a Good Will ticket stapled to it.

So sometimes in the morning I head across town, and also get a chance to catch up with some people I know, considering how handy the shopping there is.  So it is not only shopping, but also networking.  Tuesdays are the day with a larger participation.  I only
go on days where I feel I have a ton of energy for the task because although the deals are great, it can take a tremendous amount of time to find a piece of clothing that I like that is also in my size.  It’s
not like when I worked at the Salvation Army (for about 3 weeks, nothing against it but I then found a job that paid more than minimum wage) where clothing is sorted by size and color.  Nope it all a jumble with others around you constantly digging through and shifting things.

If I find something I like I look around to find the corresponding seller, some are stationed on trucks and go over to ask how much is costs.  Sometimes you can bargain with them, and sometimes they have decided on the price.  If the clothing is in the best condition I can often get a shirt with sleeves or a dress for 100 pesos, which translates to around $2.63 US Dollars.  The last time I went looking for a belt and got only 1 (which was questioned when I returned home) it cost about 79 cents.  It was not brand new quality, but it would work for keeping my pants in the proper place.  Of course I was starting to feel like an abnormal size when searching through the tangle of belts and none were long enough that fit the criteria, but when I found it and only paid 30 pesos, I felt triumphant.

Along with the clothing, which is what I go for, there are also produce vendors, dvd sellers, and small food carts.

Overall very lucky of me to be living in the pueblo and have easy access, considering the small amount of allowance allotted for clothing.  I came to the country with about 2 weeks of outfits I  believe, and it felt limiting at times.  But now every so often I successfully find a new top or such and can add more variety to my choices.

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