Well I just wanted to actually discuss English.  I never really talked about my English class did I.  It is over.  Well my first one is.  My students were shocked last week when I reminded them only one more class, although I told them several times we were ending at the end of March.  After I set up the schedule for Construye classes, then I will see about another class.

So the class.  I had some students who were dedicated.  Others I never saw again after the Christmas break.  Once we changed from the Morman Church to the Centro “I forget the full name” I would pick up new students sometimes.  I did not mind, because they should have all learned many of the lessons in basic english in school at least.  I’m not saying learned and retained, just it should not all be brand new.

I learned some things from the class.  Most words that start with s, such as spagetti, come out as es-pagetti.  I talked to another teacher and he said he had gotten them out of the habit, I just never worked hard enough to change that with the class.  I also learned that for speaking a phonetic language, at least some of the dominicans have creative spelling.  The catch all word for shoes is zapatos.  One of my earlier classes I had the students bring in a short list of words they wanted to know in English and could not figure out what one girl had written because she put sapatos.  Another thing learned was not to just follow someone elese’s manual, I don’t think my basic English class needs to know the word for block (as in a street block) or they at least do not benefit from knowing it when I cannot appropriately explain it to them.  Also learned in full was the different approach to punctuality was clear during the course.  At one point noone would arrive before 30 minutes in.  I would hate to start with only a few, but since I never knew how many more would show, I would hate to wait 10 more minutes if no more students would come.  I think I will be a better teacher next time around, but only time will tell.  I will at least try some new techniques for punctuality.

So I present to you the class that showed up last Wednesday (to which I was 20 minutes late to, but still earlier than any of my students).  Part of the reason I showed up late was to get the certificates printed.   Sorry the picture is not the best, I could not tell on my camera screen that I was having problems focusing.  But I think you at least can tell they are happily showing their certificates, making my mission earlier that afternoon and lateness worthwhile.

Then the next night I visited another English class.  It was fun not being the teacher, just being asked to speak.  I got introductions from all the students, and it was interesting to see they could be shy about speaking, as I can in spanish.  I suppose why it was  not expected is just that usually  I am noticing how outspoken many can be.  I got asked to describe the countries I had visited and of course the usual question of if I was married, had a boyfriend, or single.   For everyone’s information, I am as usual single.


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