Feliz Navidad (si un poco tarde)

Since I had such a long gap it is hard to think of what to share.  I suppose some people wonder about Christmas in the DR.

Well traditionally for Christmas in the DR there is not an exchange of gifts.  The children will get gifts on January 6th, DIa de Los Reyes.  What does happen is a big dinner on Christmas Eve (Noche Buena).

At my host family house, we had alot of the family from my dona’s side.  That is because Nelson, (h-dad) is from the Santiago region.  And it was held in the back ramada that had been handily finished about a day and a half before.

What can I say about the food other than it as plentiful with turkey, chicken, pig and many other dishes.  I do remember thing it compared to my family’s Thanksgiving meals in selection.

After dinner there was of course dancing.  I am willing to dance in the house, but still shy about out in public.  It doesn’t help that I cannot seem to turn in the correct direction.

Then apparently the tradition is to stay up to midnight and await Christmas day.

Well I didn’t make it.  But I did wake up for Christmas day and find out that nothing really happens on the actual day.  Also things like the colmados and Bon (an icecream shop) are open.  So the highlight of Christmas day was getting icecream.

It did not feel like a huge letdown since Christmas when my niece and nephew aren’t there has become pretty low key anyways.


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