One day I left my computer on to finish downloading a file and when I came back from the meeting at the nucleo there was only a white screen. Just to offload the annoyance by talking about it I called Jason. Of course Jason happens to be an IT volunteer and happened to be socializing with another IT volunteer who has more knowledge of fixing problems (Jason worked more with programming in his former life). So quickly it was determined that it was most likely the monitor. But then it stopped indicating that it was functioning with the windows sound. So when I took it to the computer store I found through the internet, I just said that the screen was white when turned on. An overview, number wrong on the receipt, I kept calling or having my one host sister call, almost a month later I say something to the oldest sister and she takes charge. The end of last week apparently Ronela strongly informed them that they have had it long enough and get on with the fixing. A new monitor will be 6000 pesos. And there is 1000 pesos charged for something to do with Windows (I hope none of my files are lost). And 500 pesos just was giving it to them. But if it gets me my computer back and all the items on it, I can pay it.

But that is why I have failed to post.

More when I have it back, because time has been moving right along.


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