Dia de Pavo

Thanksgiving has come and gone.  All the volunteers in country and staff were invited to buy a ticket for a Thanksgiving dinner at a hotel.  So I headed to the Capital on Wednesday to get some things down at the Peace Corps office and see friends.  We even took a trip to the magical land of Jumbo.  There are two main Walmart/Target like stores that I know of here.  La Sirena is Walmart level and Jumbo is Target level.

Well back to Thanksgiving.  There was a 5k and other various sporty activities in the morning, the people I was with opted to just head over to the hotel to use the rooftop pool.  We aimed to get there around 10.  Well Anna says it’s my fault for relying on others and not being fully on top of things, but a girl can have an off day right.  I have learned not to allow my off days to be with peace corps related events from now on.  So here is what happened we told the taxi driver the hotel and the park and he only knew the park.  When we get to the park we get distracted by the fact that we have time to kill and that there are swings, so we get out of the taxi.  Then it turns out none of us know exactly were the hotel is in relation to a rather large park.  So we finally find other volunteers (calling people was a failure, mostly because no one picked up their phone being busy having fun) and it turns out the one who thought they had a good handle on it did not know.  Finally we get some good directions from Dominicans, and around 11:40 we arrive at the hotel after a lot of walking and a carro public ride.  With very sore feet because none of us wore walking shoes

So I actually did not spend much time in the pool, because the water was freezing, more just talking to people.  Then we went down to lunch.  There was turkey, mashed potatoes, and apple pie, all my required foods.  The turkey was not cooked as well as my Uncle George does it and the apple pie did not live up to my own version, but it was still a very enjoyable meal.

After we had a talent show and several of my group decided to share their talents (I have actually labeled the pictures if you want a short description and name for the faces).  And then after a trip back to the hotel we went out to dance and enjoy each others company some more.

Have to say the lack of family and lounging outside at a pool in the morning, really made it feel unlike Thanksgiving.

And yesterday was not what I would call Black Friday

This year there was not talk of early morning sales.  But even with being able to wake up later, I made a misjudgment on timing and the bus I took, and therefore barely ended up back in Cambita in time for the march.  Part of that was going to Parque Enriquillo to determine exactly were the stop was there and the other part was no knowing exactly when in the afternoon the march was.  But I did and I even got handed a sign, so felt a little more part of it.  I should probably explain what march.  Well on the 25 of November is International Day to Eliminate Violence Against Women.  My host sister Ronelka participated in a pantomime and also did a reading.  I along with many of the community marched along the street with signs speaking out against this.  I’m not sure if you know this, but the day was chosen in memory of the Mirabel Sisters.


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