A smattering a things

Felt like starting the post with a view from the upstairs balcony.

Time has not even felt like its been going slowly.  I’m not rushed off my feet, but I’m also not counting the minutes of the day.  And because it was my Dona’s birthday yesterday I got to have biscocho (that’s cake) and while it was not sour cream pound cake, it was enjoyable.  I also got some Meringue flavored Fanta.  Lets just leave my review of that as interesting..

So still just trying to get to know my community aat this point and work on the diagnostic.  But I am able to do a few things before the 3 month In-Service Training. One of those is an English Curse.  At first I was leary of the idea, thinking that is not what I really want to do.  However the previous volunteer in my pueblo wrote that her classes were successful and many people in the pueblo asked about classes, so I have come around on the idea.

I will be having my first class on Tuesday afternoon or night and I am a little nervous.  Every other time I have taught a language curse there haws been a prepared syllabus.  This time I have manuals I can use for a basic course, but beyond that I will have to gauge levels and plan lessons for those who know some English based on what I can scrounge from the internet.  There are course offered on teaching English as a foreign language, but I cannot take Peace Corp sponsored course until after 3 month IST.

What else has been going on, well Ronela, the oldest daughter, had me help her make pancakes.  She bought a box of mix so all we had to add was water.  Now I have yet to see a measuring cup down here, so I just estimated and with water I told her, there is a suggested amount but it is more about the consistency.  Then when we tried to fry, we could get the pancake off the bottom even with using shortening.  Luckily a bit later a Teflon pan appeared and there was success.

The only other thing I can think to share is that it is now the time of the Fiestas Populares in Cambita.  2 weekends ago there was the Miss Cambita 2011 pagent.  It was heavily attended and resulted in a Reyna Miss Cambita 2011 as well as Miss Aguacate and many other Misses. Then this last Friday several booths were set up along with a stage and a few amusement rides.  The name for a ferris wheel in Spanish is estrellita and it seems to go faster than the last on I was on in the states, although it is smaller.  The riders scream as it goes around, and I can hear that from my room.  On the stage there are concerts, and I was not managed to have the energy to stand there yet, but I have at least another week to try.

Well I am off to try to purchase of large paper, hopefully I will be successful.


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