May I have some more rice, dona?

Okay so I have been in the country for a couple months now.  Where has the time gone. I have been asked by two of my friends about food, so I decided to revisit that topic.  Also since I will be eating lunch soon, although I will not post this until after so you can feel like you ate the lunch with me.

Breakfast had varied depending on house.  In my first I would often get what Dana referred to as smooshed bread. I did not think of it that way and kept telling her during CBT I didn’t get it, but now I do.  The issue was my mind was classifying it as toasted more than smooshed from the sandwich maker.  Plus I never received simply bread as she did, there was always either melted cheese or eggs in it.  Sometimes I would just get bread and hot chocolate.  And it was good hot chocolate, and that is an important thing to share.  In the campo I got cornflakes, juice, and fruit everyday (the main fruit was pineapple).  In Cambita, I once again have cornflakes but there is less juice in this house.  So most mornings I mix up powered milk with water and a little bit of sugar, I seem to have made myself desire the sugar even though at first it was the last thing I wanted.  I do put less sugar into it than anyone else in the house would and I cannot handle it warm.

So that’s breakfast, besides when I get fritas and fried salami or toasted cheese, its not really different.  Ronela the oldest girl yesterday asked me what I eat and was askance with that’s all, so I asked her and she said coffee.  How is mine more lacking than that?

Now lunch.  Well this is what you never really wonder about down here.  Rice and beans and some type of meat.  Sometimes a salad or just tomatoes.  In my home now, I do have days where the rice and beans take a backseat.  The meat does vary between red meat, chicken, and fish.  During CBT once we were told to have our Dona’s save lunch for use, but then ended up getting lunch at the place.  I knew that I would then be facing lunch again for dinner and said to Anna the thought of rice and beans again is going to make me cry if I have to eat it.  I was not even exaggerating.  The first 6 weeks it was wearying to my food soul, and I was looking for a way to at least have a day off from it every 2 weeks, but currently I feel more accepting of it.  It’s not like I varied my lunch in the states that much, but I did have control.

So what does that leave dinner.  I should point out that lunch is the big meal here and so often dinner is less (thank goodness).  Sometimes fritas (which are plantains sliced up fired, taken out and flattened and fried again) and fried salami or fried cheese.  The problem is often the cheese does not want to fry correctly and therefore is less palatable.  The cheese that gets fried is the white cheese, not what one of the others in my group referred to as rubber cheese.  Rubber cheese because sometimes it squeaks when you eat it.  Toasted cheese is acceptable for dinner.  Mashed potatos or mangu (puree de plantains) often make an appearance.  There was spaghetti one night with not exactly marinara sauce and there may have been mayonnaise in the sauce since many of the others reported that appearing.

Oh and there are other viveres like yuca that appear at times.  And I happen to be living in the avocado capital.  Bananas also are readily available, though I hear the mosquitoes like you more with that flavor, so I limit my intake.  I had one for lunch today and Raffeany told me to put it on the beans and rice, I declined.  Then I told her how people like peanut butter and bananas and she was not willing to consider trying that.  It’s not usually my style, but come on once again how is on beans more reasonable.

That’s all I can think to write about now.  I will tell you that I always get told I don’t eat enough, but here I sometimes get to make my own plate so at least I don’t feel bad about leaving food on the plate.  Also I tell my host mom no and she still pushes me.  Finally I was thinking this is just like what we would say to guys, no means no and I tell her that and you know what she comes back with, sometimes you say no but don’t mean it.  Ay de mi!


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