My community the first pass

I have had more going on since I wrote this post, but I will still keep this as it was written on the 2nd and update again soon.

So this is hard to write because nothing much has happened so far this week.  I returned to Cambita last Friday.  The best part was the thought that I would not have to awkwardly transport my luggage again in a week or so.  Not enjoyable when some muchahos were trying to get me to pay one of them to carry the luggage in Cambita by telling me it was heavy.  Yes I know how much it weighs, but right now I feel too cheap to give you what exchanges to less than a dollar because I know how much my intake is from the Peace Corps and that is just frivolous.

So what should I share.  Well you know what happens if you do not have a day of trick and treats or a day of thanks, well you put up the artificial pine tree in October.  My dona actually did it a little later than she originally planned so that I could help.

I have not however discovered an all Spanish Christmas music radio station yet.  Of course I have not tried, but I never try to find the English version and I still manage to.

Okay now for some pictures, since I don’t have much to share other than if I was judged on my American music taste, I doubt I will ever win over the Dominican jovenes.  Luckily I am foreign and therefore get some leeway.

The yellow building hosts the ayunimiento of Cambita. The dry riverbed can become a threat during big storms and swept away many houses built to close to it a few years ago.  The rest are just shots around time to give everyone an idea of what my pueblo looks like.  I love that it is surrounded by tree covered hills.

The building on the right of this picture is donated to the use of CEPROCO the organization I am working with.  It needs work before it can be used, but at least there is a structure.


I tried to highlight with a  purple box my current home.


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