32 landed, and 32 swore in

Oh my oh my, I am now official.

How can I tell, well I have a shiny new pin.

So what to share. Well I will be living in a pueblo called Cambita Garabitos that is in San Cristobal. I will be working with a group called CEPROCO. As I was introduced around it seems I will be loaned out to anyone who wants a Peace Corps Volunteer’s help. Works for me as long as I feel productive. I went to visit last week. Met my new family and I already love them. I must say my luck with Donas has rocked. My project was billed to me as working with a trade school that has sewing machines, that sold me. Of course the solicitation for a volunteer did not mention the school. On my fourth day I finally saw the machines and met some of the women I will be having business classes with. So I may be partly a business volunteer. But that cool, as long as I get the resources I need to do the other things.

The volunteer in the site previous to me was also from Pennsylvania, so Cambita might not be learning anymore geography. Sorry Peace Corps. There have been several volunteers before me, but I will be the best I can be and not worry about it. Luckily the previous wore her helmut, so I just get laughed at and not talked out of it (not that that would work) when riding on the back of a motoconcho which was prominent when I was in my site. I will not just be working in the pueblo but also in the communities up the hills which are part of the municipality.

Yesterday we were sworn in by the ambassador to the DR. It was a nice ceremony in which on the downtime, Sean led a round of Alele which us new volunteers liked and a few of the donas participated in. Can’t wait to do it with some youth, cause it rocks.

I know this is short, but I’m scattered and trying to look nice for the celebration tonight. More later, pinky swear (to those of you it means something to).

Here is our faces on the approximate location we will be in.

  1. Anne said:

    Re. Geography: Tell them all about Rhode Island, then!

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